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Welcome to our website, where we shed light on an important aspect of electric vehicles (EVs)
that often goes unnoticed – the potential dangers of EV fires.

While EVs offer numerous benefits such as reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency,
it is crucial to be aware of the fire risks associated with these vehicles.

EV Fire Safe Tips

EV fires can occur due to a variety of reasons,
including battery malfunctions, charging incidents, and high-speed accidents.
The unique characteristics of EV fires make them particularly challenging to extinguish,
requiring specialized knowledge and equipment for effective firefighting.

When it comes to extinguishing EV fires, conventional firefighting methods encounter significant obstacles.

SnapTite Hose has introduced an amazing new fire hose, the Warrior,
sheathed in Kevlar, it has tested to sustain in 1200 degree fires for 60 minutes.
When running a hose to attack an EV fire, you will need the best municipal hose available.
Snap Tite Warrior Hose

Unlike traditional gasoline fires, EV fires involve high-voltage battery packs that store immense amounts of energy.
This energy release can result in intense and prolonged fires that pose serious hazards to both occupants and firefighters.
Additionally, EV batteries are designed to resist heat and fire, making them difficult to cool down and control once ignited.

The use of water or foam, commonly employed in combating conventional fires,
can be ineffective or even dangerous in EV fire situations. As a result, firefighters must undergo specialized training
to understand the unique characteristics of EV fires and employ appropriate techniques
to combat them safely and efficiently.

At our website, we aim to raise awareness about the risks associated with EV fires and provide
valuable information on the challenges faced by emergency responders. By understanding the dangers and difficulties
of extinguishing EV fires, we can work towards enhancing safety measures, developing advanced fire suppression
technologies, and equipping firefighters with the necessary skills to handle such incidents effectively.

Stay informed, stay safe, and join us in exploring the critical topic of EV fire safety to ensure a
secure and sustainable future for electric mobility.


Electric Vehicle Battery Fires

Retired firefighter creates new product to fight EV Fires

FIREHOUSE MAGAZINE keys on lithium-ion battery chemistry, high voltage, large battery size, heavy battery weight
and floorpan-mounted battery location for his lesson about extinguishing electric vehicle fires.

Fully involved Tesla car fire takes 42 minutes to extinguish, 600 gallons of water per minute help suppress challenging fire.

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What happens when one of these vehicles catches fire?
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